Abstract: May 30  2:45 PM (BACK)

River Restoration: 48 years of Lessons Learned

Dave Rosgen
Wildland Hydrology
Fort Collins, CO

Restoration work on creeks and rivers designed and implemented by the author since the late 1960s has provided a reflective education partly by trial and error, as well as from “implementation into the unknown.”  Designing and implementing restoration projects following the central tendencies of natural stable rivers is a challenging task.  The complexity, variability and risks associated with a wide variety of rivers, in addition to understanding the nature, extent and consequences of river impairment, have provided an ongoing challenge.  The methods and techniques previously used over these many years have inevitably changed.  This change should not be viewed as failure, but rather growth of the science of river restoration.  This presentation summarizes the “lessons learned” and why the changes…yet defines a common thread of success that meets multiple restoration objectives.