Workshop #1 : May 28, 8:30 am (BACK)

Developing Regional Curves and Design Criteria for Streams in the San Antonio Region

Will Harman, Stream Mechanics
LeeAnne Lutz and Tami Norton, San Antonio River Authority
Gian Villarreal, Michael Baker Corporation 

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this workshop participants will:

  1. Obtain regional curves for the San Antonio region and understand their utility and limitations,
  2. Learn rapid techniques for developing watershed-specific regional curves,
  3. Obtain preliminary design criteria for use in natural channel designs, and
  4. Learn more about the San Antonio River Authority’s stream restoration program.

Workshop Description:

Over the past several years the San Antonio River Authority has been developing assessment and design tools for Southwest stream restoration practitioners. These tools are part of a larger effort to improve stream health in the San Antonio region by transitioning from traditional channel design techniques to natural channel design. SARA is making these tools available through publications, training, and conference presentations.

Regional curves have been developed for the San Antonio region and will be provided to each workshop participant. Presentations will be provided to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of these curves and how they should be utilized by practitioners. Special emphasis will be placed on techniques to verify the applicability of the existing curves and methods to develop watershed-specific regional curves. Design criteria developed from a variety of local, regional, and national reference reach databases will be provided to assist practitioners in developing natural channel designs. Finally, an update on SARA’s overall stream restoration program will be provided.