Workshop #1 :  June 1   8:30 am (BACK)

Instream Flows 101

-Kevin Mayes, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
-George Gable, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
-Dr. Mark Wentzel, Texas Water Development Board

Workshop Organizers:
-Kevin Mayes, Texas Parks & Wildlife
-Nikki Dictson, Texas Water Resources,
-Melissa Parker, Texas Parks & Wildlife

Materials that participants need to bring:  Notepads, laptop optional

Materials participants will receive:  Readings will be distributed electronically in advance

Workshop Description
This workshop will cover the disciplines and principles of instream flow science and highlight Texas’ environmental flow programs. The primary disciplines are hydrology, geomorphology, water quality, biology, and connectivity and we will discuss how each of these relate to aquatic ecosystem functions and processes and quantifying flow-ecology relationships that inform instream flow recommendations. Using results from a Texas Instream Flow Program study on the lower San Antonio River we will illustrate the application of a stakeholder process, interdisciplinary science collection, and data integration to construct a flow regime recommendation to support a sound ecological environment. An update on the Texas Environmental Flow Process will focus on environmental flow standards that have been established for Texas river basins and will highlight ongoing science data collection and adaptive management activities.