Abstract: Closing Plenary Session  8:30 am (BACK)

Restoring Fish and Aquatic Habitats in Texas Rivers

Craig Bonds
Director, Inland Fisheries Division
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

The mission of the Inland Fisheries Division is to provide the best possible fishing opportunities while protecting and enhancing freshwater aquatic resources.   To that end, we have made significant progress in protecting, reconnecting, and restoring fish and aquatic habitats in Texas rivers in spite of challenges associated with increasing population and changing demographics.  Initiatives that have allowed us to make these accomplishments are: instream flow studies, which secure flow needs for fish and wildlife in the study basins; planned conservation outcomes in the Texas Conservation Action Plan;  conservation assessments and planning through a variety of both public-private  and interjurisdictional partnerships;  watershed-scale conservation planning, best management practices (BMP) recommendations; increasing access to rivers, education, and the creation of conservation demonstration areas.